Thank you for taking the time to land on this page! 


The more I thought about writing a traditional about page the less inclined I was to do so. 


I feel as though know me, is to know about the things that I do and the people, places, and things that I love.  


So I figured I’d share some trivia and a few of my favorite things! 


Welcome to the small corner of my heart on the internet:


Being an actress was my childhood dream. But I was so shy it took two decades for me to buck up and go for it! #noregrets

I was born in Japan but am actually French-American.

My very large and wonderful Mancoon- Ragdoll cat Oscar

I started practicing Yoga in the 5th grade and have participated in alternative healing practices for ever since.

If I'm not working chances are good, you'll find me in nature.

My love of music came from my Dad who has a large vinyl collection.

Coffee is my not so secret weakness.

Family night was movie night growing up and it was sacred.

I <3 Harry Potter

My Mom is French and my Dad is American. While living abroad I was born on US soil in Japan

I started riding horses in Kindergarten!

Joni Mitchel Fiona Apple NSYNC Brittany Spears - the sum of my elementary school years

Photography is one of my great loves.

I'm so thankful and grateful.... I'm so thankful and grateful.... say that 10x fast and try to frown

I'm on track to living in NYC consistently for longer than anywhere else.... ( its been 4 years)